Salt Museum

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Illuminated souvenir stall in the museum Museum illuminated souvenir stall [/ caption]

Sult Museum! Perhaps the reader is surprised by the title. The salt-stone museum in the mountains below 650 feet of Hasinton in the US state of Kansas. Thousands of years ago (275 million) salt pellets were found. The idea of ​​geologists, at one time was the sea. Salt water has been formed due to natural water due to natural conditions. The palm-laced mountain stone is converted to the Salt Museum, which is built around a quarter and a half mile area. In 1923, the museum was built in 1923 with the help of the first electric device in the world to create a dynamite blast in the dynamite blast. Step by step, the museum’s work is completed on 1 May 2007. Since then the Kansas Underground Sult Museum has been known as a museum.

crowd of tourists in the museum Museum visitor station crowd [/ caption]

Its position below 650 feet below the earth’s surface. According to historians, the origin of this rock salts in the Palazzoic, Mesozoic and Senaozoic era. Initially the Carey Salt Company completed the museum work. Later it came under the ownership of Hasinton Salt Company. Each year, five million tons of salts are excavated and excavated.
Hundreds of tourists from the world, including the United States, rushed to see the museum every day. The double-dancer was moved to the museum under 650 feet of ground in 19 seconds. Along with opening the elevator door, laughable young people take tourists to the guide. He gives clear instructions on how to show the museum to the tourists. A 30-minute trip with 15 minutes train journey. Much like a trip to Blackhall After waiting for five minutes at the station, the historic monuments were shown on one of ten spots after one by one in the Sunsan surrounded by rider trains.

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In one part of the museum, one million photos have been preserved in 400 feet reserved areas. There is also more information on historical documentary with important information. For some reason the natural disasters in the world have come down, but it will be preserved. Apart from this, the machines used in the process of digging the salts for hundreds of years ago. In the meantime, the world’s first dynamite box, the nuclear dust, the use of the drill machine to cut rocky salts, the freight train used for the removal of salt, and the explosion by electric connection. At one stage of the rotation, tourists were given five minutes to collect salt stone.

tourists in the mausoleum Museums in the Museum of Shawl [/ caption]

The illuminated souvenir stall is available for entertainment. There are many types of products made of rock stalls, Shops, T Shuts, Chocolates.

First electric dynamite with car The first electric dynamite blast is caused by the explosion [/ caption] by the car

In the dark areas of the area, oxygen and air have been kept in place to make the breathing easier for the tourists. If there is a dermatologist once in the Rocky Salt Black hole, his skin disease is better. Guider Kerry said many tourists informed them about this.

visitors are getting salt Visitors are getting salt [/ caption]

It is known that there are 14 salts in the United States. Among these, the only Kansas Salt Museum is open to tourists. There are also two more salts museums in Poland and Australia. It is also known that there are about 35 thousand small and large museums on the continent of America.