Eid Festival New York v. Another State

 eid-ny There is a proverb in Bangla – on the other side of river / leaving / breathing / leaving all my faith … Maryland and Virginia came to see that repeatedly. We live in New York, they came from Jackson Heights to hear their curiosity! Understanding how many questions. Because, we get all here. All the meals in Bangladesh. All Celebrities in Bangladesh. All types of events in Bengali culture.
They are in the huge palace. We are fascinated by what New Yorkers see. I might not have sighed. Expensive furniture around Antique Shops The whole house is centrally air-conditioned. Outside the house does not affect the house. Nevertheless, they do not cut depression in their mind. Talk to one person. He was suffering from panic disease for a long time. At the doctor’s advice, he used to sleep and sleep all day. A lot of crazy status. The fear of his mind can not go to Bangladesh any day.
Many people in New York, who do not know when to return to Bangladesh? When will they be legal? Many people spend 20-30 years, even whole life without family status. Yet they do not feel so depressed. Because here he gets everything in Bangladesh.

Picture of Boston-Connecticut in Maryland-Virginia I have had the same experience at the last Eid holiday. The picture is roughly the same in Florida, Houston, California, Texas, Atlanta. I did not go to these cities. Apart from New York, there are many Bengali people in these cities. They hold the heart of Bengali culture. New Year and Eid house and clubs are organized in many. But if the time of the ceremony is excluded, they are alone, lonely.
Like New York, there is no chance to walk on the road. Suddenly someone who came to know about a few days ago said, “Are you?” Where are you How are you? Where is the banalata-mulata, kachh-bichar, where it meets the Bengali stores? Most people here live in a small bedroom flat. But the house grew in the warmth of life.
Udichi, Shilpakala Academy, Bafa, Joy, Nazrul Academy, World Literature Center, Quantum Foundation – all of the top social and cultural organizations in Bangladesh are in New York. Many of their activities like Bangladesh. Apart from this, there are many more organizations including Bipa, Music Council, Literary Academy, Plural, Gangetic, Hindole, Sports Foundation of North America and many other organizations. There are several district and divisional associations. There are political organizations. Alumni Association has. These organizations have some limitations but positive aspects are more. People get their mentality here, people in their own area, their own educational institutions. And this is how much honey is available, that only gets to know!
In other cities, Bangalis sing music. But that’s the same. Playing the band, professional or amateur artists sing. There are many families together and small organized. But there is not so much diversity in New York. The Bengalis went to visit any place other than New York or stayed there. But all the media focus is here. Because all Bengali magazines, Bengali television is in New York. For that Anisul Haq came and told me, New York was the second to me. Selina Hossain, Abdullah Abu Sayeed Sir, Ramendu Majumdar are amazed, seeing the literary-culture values ​​here. Abdul Latif Siddiqui, Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury’s bombing talks – all this is in New York.
It takes a long time to see people’s publications or memorabilia plays, in fact, in New York or in New York. So rich performance. The one-time reactionary drama of Bangladesh is constantly staging the drama here. Some people are promoting the present generation in Bengali culture. The buffer candy or the beeper country became a very professional exhibit for that.
Today, Runa-Sabina, Kala Srikanta, Nachiketa next week, Bappa Majumder or James-next month will meet in another city outside New York. Do not match? All the top celebrities of Bangladesh came to participate in the Dhallywood Award-Bengali Cine Award. The country is also a seminar on intellectuals. New Yorkers do not have the opportunity to sit in the weekend. Men wear Punjabi-pajamas and women after the sari-bangles, on the forehead, all appearances are present.
The joy that goes on the way to New York on the eve of Eid that day, is it possible to find it in any other state or town. Can not be! Jackson Heights’ Avenue 37, A crowd of overwhelming crowds in 72, 73 and 74 streets. Many people can not park in the car for hours or more. By midnight the shops are in the bourgeoisie of buyers and sellers. Not only Bangladeshi, Pakistani or Indian, Spanish-speaking Hispanians also sit on the pavement. Women made two hands in Mehdi Alpana. 5 or 10 dollars is taken for drawing alpana. Someone also organized free of cost. The American American Association of Broncos, as it did.
Bengalis living in all states rejoice and celebrate. However, the expression of joy of everyone is the same. Only New York is different. Like in Bangladesh For this reason, Bengalis love to stay in this town even though they are struggling hard.